Travel Insurance or Visitor Insurance also known as Overseas Medical Insurance can cover your Medical Expenses, Personal Accident, Trip Delay, Trip Cancellation, Baggage Loss, Loss of Passport and many more risks while you travel abroad.

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Travel Insurance policy is available for all ages between 3 months – 70 years and senior citizens between 71 to 100 years.

Policy Duration:

Cover trips from as short as 1 day to max of 360 days. Most of the Insurance Companies provides coverage for 180 days which can be extended for a further period of 180 days, provided there is no claim, but there are plans available up to 360 Days.

Policy Maximum (Coverage Amount)

Various coverage options are offered in the range of US $ 10,000 to US $ 500,000 depending upon the country you are planning to visit. For Worldwide including and excluding USA & Canada plans, minimum coverage is US$ 50,000 and maximum coverage available is US$ 500,000 (5 Lakhs). For Asian countries, minimum coverage available is as low as US$ 10,000 and maximum coverage available is US$ 500,000 (5 Lakhs).

What all will your travel insurance not include?

- Any medical condition or complication arising from it which existed before the commencement of the policy period, or for which care, treatment or advice was sought, recommended by or received from a physician.

- Routine physical or other examination where there is no objective indication of impairment of normal health.

- Medical expenses beyond the expiry of the policy period.

- Suicide, attempted suicide or willfully self-inflicted injury or illness, mental disorder, anxiety/stress/depression/nervousness having no underlying physical illness as a cause; venereal disease, alcoholism, drunkenness or the abuse of drugs.

- Manual work or hazardous occupation, self-exposure to needless peril (except in an attempt to save human life), engaging in any criminal or illegal act.

- Pregnancy, resulting in childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, or complication arising out of any of the foregoing.

- Experimental, unproven or non-standard treatment.

- Treatment by any other system other than modern medicine (also known as Allopath).

- The cost of spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids, crutches and all other external appliances and/or devices whether for diagnosis or treatment.

- Delay of baggage when the intended destination is in India.

- Loss or damage to the insured’s passport as a result of the confiscation or detention by customs, police or any other authority.

- Loss which is not reported to the appropriate police authority within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss, and in respect of which an official report has not been obtained.

- Loss caused by the insured’s failure to take reasonable steps to guard against the loss of passport.